Yummy Cashews In Tempting Chocolate


The area under cashew cultivation is the highest in India. However, it is not so in the case of productivity, processing and quality. In reality, the Indian cashew industry has a high untapped potential to support the livelihood of cashew farmers, provide numerous employment opportunities and improve returns through global trade.  One of our clients decided to develop a chocolate coated cashew product using chocolate as the coating. The client wanted to ensure that chocolate, used in the formulation, is made from the cocoa butter and is not a compound product made from vegetable oil.



Few of the challenges involved in this case were:

  • Developing a chocolaty snack product where the chocolate does not melt at room temperature
  • Developing a chocolate coating that is not sticky
  • Developing a product that retains its shape throughout its supply chain
  • Finding &Finalizing reliable vendors which provide best quality raw ingredients


Product trials were conducted to formulate the recipe and optimize the content of the ingredients in order to obtain the desired flavour profile.  Further, steps were taken to ensure that minimum additives were used to develop the end product.Specifications for raw ingredients were set. The layout of the processing plant was shared with the client. Apart from this, vendors for procuring raw ingredients and equipment were recommended to the client and they were guided on selecting the right packaging material for their end product.


We, at Food Buddies, developed crunchy cashew nuts, coated with the finest chocolate. The end product was not sticky and did not melt at room temperature. Hence, once again we exceeded  our client’s expectations.