What Food Manufacturers Expect From Food Co- Packers?

We can expect excellence and growth working with a good Co-packer

Food co packer generally works on the principle ethics of win –win business module. The believe and concern for commitment is the key factor to work with co-packer

Expectation of a manufacturer from Co- packer

  • Hand Holding
  • Formulation Protection
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Finance terms
  • Responsiveness




Basic Expectations from Co-Packer are:

Hand Holding

  • The manufacturing organization is expecting for the support in terms of help they need regarding production, market studies, withstanding business,etc
  • Without the co-packers support no manufacturer is able to understand the market scenario and it’s a very important factor.

Formulation Protection

  • It is expected that the co-packers are reliable and trustworthy on part of formulation on production process.
  • No company wants their formulation as to be open to market as taste factor, quality factor plays important role in setting USP for business in this competitive market.

“Co- Packers /Co- manufacturers bear necessary certifications which proves their efficiency for reliability and quality to work with”

Working with Co-packers provides safety and ease to do business:

The organization should have the basic way to deal the co-packer companies on the basis of trustworthiness. Its the concept to understand and work with proper standardization certified organization along with regular audits to be carried on to rely on the process. Some of the certification bodies who assure the standards are ISO,AGMARK,HALAL,OHSAS etc. Moreover supplier and organizational standards are also put on priority to meet up the agenda.

  • Contract manufacturers have multiple customers that they produce for. Because they are servicing multiple customers, they can offer reduced costs in acquiring raw by benefiting from economies of scale.Hence the efficiency of choosing co-packers also lies in the more units, the less expensive the price per unit with trustworthiness.

Minimum Order Quantity:

  • Minimum order quantity respective to what is expected as to understand the factor of standard amount of production which helps to create profit margin between the co packer and manufacturer.
  • Its understandable that average wise MOQ should be fulfilled instead of being rigid texts.
  • Mostly Co-packer organizations focus on cash flow to run the business smoothly, which resemblances in taking order of manufacturing from multiple customers. This readily provides with option of Minimum Quantity to start with product and thus can be progressed with ease of time

Finance Terms

  • Finance terms is also expected from food co-packers as to be very smooth and robust.
  • According to the research of American City Business, 28% of the organizational failures depends on the failure of managing the finance


  • Responsibility is another important factor which is a must need for a co-packing industry.
  • If the time and deadline had been set by the manufacturer team, its expected that the co-packer will be responsible for end to end fits.

The Certifications which help an organization to lead in the market for their services are:

  • ISO,AGMARK provides organizations with quality and system assurance
  • OHSAS assures safety concerns for the working environment in an organization.
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