The Perfect Fix to Hunger Pangs – Millet Nutribar


The product in question was a millet-based nutribar. Millets have been a regular component of the Indian diet for centuries now and have several health benefits. This nutribar sought to package this ancient part of our diet in the form of a contemporary snack. It is a 100% natural product that had the potential to emerge as a great alternative to its less healthy counterparts. Moreover, the sensory properties of millet were an important factor that had to betaken into account. With such considerations in mind, the food manufacturing company approached Food Buddies in order to develop a well-rounded product.


  • The product had to be developed 100% naturally so as to ensure greater shelf life.
  • The binding nature of the ingredients was very less.
  • The desired sensory profile was yet to be obtained.
  • The costing of the product had to be decided.



Food Buddies studied the complications at hand and worked diligently to find a solution. We identified certain alternative natural ingredients that would help them achieve the desired sensory profile and ensure longevity in terms of the shelf life of the nutribar. Not only that, these alternatives turned out to be cost-effective. They went on to select the correct natural binding ingredient that ensured that the final product was stable.


Food Buddies successfully met client expectations by developing a pocket-friendly nutribar packed with the goodness of wholesome and natural ingredients.

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