Tender Coconut Water Processing

What is coconut water?

The inner part of the coconut is divided into two edible parts: a white kernel and clear liquid: coconut water. Coconut water is widely popular for its nutritional profile and hence, is considered a natural functional drink. It differs from coconut milk, which is the oily white liquid extracted from the grated fresh kernel. It is available huge quantity in coastal areas and hence, it has a high demand in the areas interior to the country where coconuts are not easily available.



Why Coconut Water?

01. Rich in essential electrolytes
02. Cholesterol free
03. Low Calories

The value of coconut water can be enhanced by:                                        Value-of-Coconut-Water

  • making vinegar,
  • using coconut water as a growth medium for yeasts,
  • using coconut water for the culture of various lactic acid bacteria
  • fermenting coconut water to produce Nata De Coco
  • manufacturing fruit flavoured ready-to-drink (RTD) coconut beverage
  • using coconut water as fermentation medium for production of xanthan gum

“Nata De Coco is a pure cellulose, free of lignin and hemicelluloses, produced by acetobacterxylinum. Besides its use as a food, the gel like substance is also considered to impart extraordinary mechanical strength when processed into films or sheets.”

Different methods of processing young coconut water


Coconut water is not a common fruit juice and thus not easy to stabilize. Since its pH is high, it is subject to rapid deterioration. Nowadays, food manufacturing companies are looking for various non-thermal techniques as alternative to thermal processing techniques in order to enhance shelf life and preserve the taste and aroma of natural coconut water.
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