Tasty Non Veg Pickle in European Union (EU) Regulations


We may live in a multicultural society but people have always been brought together by their kindred love for food. On realizing the fact that independent artisan pickle businesses that are able to develop a quality, good-tasting, affordable product have the chance to make money selling their creations, one of our clients decided to scale up the production and make his product available on the shelves in the international market.


The major challenges involved were:

  • Manufacturing the product at an industrial level without compromising the taste of the homemade recipe
  • Developing a product adhering to the EU regulations
  • Developing a product using acetic acid and prohibiting the use of any other preservatives.



We, at food buddies, along with our team adept at product development took the task of turning our client’s passion into a profitable business. We managed to decode the homemade recipe and on the basis of the extrapolated data, we recommended the raw materials for commercial production to our client. We made sure that all the recommended raw ingredients and the finished product comply with EU standards. Also, we managed to reduce the operations involved in production by 50% (in comparison to the operations involved in the manufacturing process at home scale level) which in turn resulted in bringing down the production cost by 35%.


The developed product got the clearance for export in a single shot. Our team was able to formulate the product with the targeted shelf life and organoleptic properties successfully. We here at food buddies team managed to exceed the client’s expectation by bringing down the production cost by 35%.

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