Snack Bar Manufacturing

“In today’s on-the-run society, where sitting down for a meal is sometimes an impossible luxury, the emergence of nutrition bars seems to be just what the doctor ordered.”

With evolving dietary habits, increasing disposable income and growing affluence, the demand for healthy ready to eat foods is rising. Snack bars brands have been very responsive to this consumer trend. The snack bars manufacturers are introducing the health aspect into their products by enriching the end product with protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals. These bars are also known to consumers as nutritional bars, meal-replacement bars or protein bars.

What are nutritional bars?

The nutritional bars, as the name suggests, are deliciously balanced for protein, carbohydrates and fat, and are sometimes fortified with vitamins and minerals, to provide the consumers with all the nutrients they need in a complete meal. They are ideal for ‘grab and go’ consumers, who are looking for a quick, healthy snack that fits into their lifestyle.


Market Scope

According to a report published in February 2018, the Indian nutritional bars market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 30% during 2017-2022. Along with the increase in health-conscious consumers, the availability of a range of flavors and variants targeted towards specific consumer groups, such diabetics, is expected to fuel India’s nutritional bars market during the forecast period.

“Nutrition bars market in India is still in its embryonic stage, predominantly due to high product prices.”


The product developer needs to consider many points while developing a nutritional bar; the ingredients must meet specific nutritional requirements and the final product should meet consumers need for convenience and health benefits.



Food vs. Bars

In the current bar-wars environment, there are literally hundreds of these pre-wrapped and portable products competing for shelf space at gyms, retail stores and supermarkets. But when consuming nutrition bars, consumers should not let them crowd whole foods out of their diet. Though nutrition bars are handy, the consumers shouldn’t over-rely on them. Also, food business operators must advertise them as a healthy snacking option instead as a meal replacement option.

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