Revolutionery in Emu Meat Technology After Bubble Burst


Generally, for meat producers, time taken for cooking poses a real challenge. Conventional methods of cooking meat is not industry-friendly as it consumes a lot of time and the producers are unable to meet their emolument. Emu meat, with only two grams of fat per four-ounce (110 grams) serving, is a healthy alternative to other meats. Emu meat is so low in fat and thus it requires cooking for optimum time period. Longer cooking will cause it to become dry. Different cooking methods should be adopted to specific meat cuts of EMU. Though it has its own limitations, emu meat is highly recommended for people with heart ailments, as it is very rich in its nutrition when compared to other existing meats.
For more than 5 years, an Emu oil manufacturer owner needed assistance in developing technology to tenderise the meat. He extracts Emu oil from the meat and sells the meat to Crocodile Park, as the meat is very hard and takes long time to cook. The appeal of the meat was not very good. He could not find a way to sell his meat for human consumption as people keep rejecting for its hardness.


i. Long cooking time

ii. Appeal of meat is not satisfactory


Food buddies took on this project and focussed on to restructure the psychology and limitations that are associated with Emu meat. This led to the development of a robust technology that reduces the cooking time of the meat to 1/10th of the time it originally took. It also made it tastier and more appealing to our taste buds. The test results with this technology, proved to provide rapidly cooked Emu meats without compromising quality. The improved emu meat was highly acceptable.



i. In the mass sampling, 280 out of 300 people gave positive response to it.

ii. The product is now positioned better in the shelves and the reduced cooking time has made the product a lot more appealing to the consumers which resulted in higher market acceptance.


The aim of the project is to develop a low cost cutting edge technology of rapidly cooked meats that will meet the needs of thousands of Emu producers across the globe. This Rapid processing technology will enable Emu producers to obtain an overall high-quality product in terms of its sensory and physical characteristics. The success has proved that Food buddies anticipate the future needs of the customers and assist in their desired efficacy.

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