Retort Technology – New Food Product Concepts to Invest


Concept 1 – Bon Curry

  1. Japanese Curry Paste
  2. Can be commercialized and sold in retort pouches
  3. Can be eaten once the sauce is heated up


Concept 2 – Baby and Toddler Foods

  1. RTE meals for babies and toddlers
  2. For e.g.: organic fruit and vegetable puree, baby cereal
  3. Can be packed in pouches, plastic containers, cans or glass jars


Concept 3- Ready-to-Serve Muscle based products

  1. Retort pouches can be used for processed ready-to-serve shelf stable muscle based products such as solid meat packs, meat curry, beef stew, meatballs in tomato sauce.

Seafood-150x150Concept 4 – Seafood

  1. Retort processed seafood, such as Tuna and Salmon, are usually presented in ready to serve formats
  2. Retort pouches are associated with an image of health and convenience for marketing seafood


Concept 5 – RTC Rice Meals

  1. Ready-to-Cook Rice Meals such as Veg Biryani, Chicken Biryani and fried rice
  2. Can be packed in plastic container or pouches
  3. Provides convenience for health conscious ‘grab-and-go’ customer


Concept 6 – Retort Processed Soups

  • Retorting soups enhances its shelf life
  • Vegetable soup, chicken soup, lentil soup are some of the popular products commercialized and
  • sold in retort pouches


Concept 7 – Gravy and Sauces

  1. RTC gravy and sauces can be packed in retort pouches or cans
  2. Pasta sauce, tomato sauce, chicken gravy, Manchurian gravy, Rajma gravy are some of the popular retort processed products in the category of sauces and gravies


Concept 8 – Apple Slices

  1. Blanched, impregnated apple slices can be packed in retort pouches
    The pouches are then stored at cold temperatures

Concept 9 – RTC South Indian Meals

  1. South Indian RTC meals such as upma, sambar, vada can be retorted and packed in plastic containers or pouches

Concept-10-–-Ginger-Garlic-Paste-150x150Concept 10 – Ginger Garlic Paste

  1. A popular ingredient used in Indian cuisine
  2. Can be packed in retort pouches, bottles

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