Replacing Boring Flavoured Milk

Jigarthanda, the pride of Madurai, is a famous drink commonly consumed by people of all walks. A budding entrepreneur wanted to establish a firm that could bring the native drink  to the shelves of the existing stores across the country. He wished to commercialize the renowned regional drink Jigarthanda and the widely consumed dessert Falooda. Being a start-up, he had very few ideas on the technical hurdles that came through in the commercialization of his desired drink. Also, scaling up the product to the industrial level seemed quite a big task in front of the emerging entrepreneur.


The major complications involved in the commercialization of the product were

  1. Lack of optimized technology as the product was new
  2. Finding the most suitable technology
  3. Developing the formulation for the product
  4. Brand building



We, at Food Buddies, accepted the challenge to develop a formulation for the product right from the scratch keeping in mind about the sensory attributes that made them popular. As the product was the first of its kind to hit the stores, crucial emphasis was given to customize the right technology that would suit its commercialization so that the product could serve as the benchmark for further developments too.


As the whole scenario of entrepreneurship was new to our client, he was on ground zero as far as marketing was concerned. But with Food Buddies by his side, it seemed to be a cake walk after the execution of our ideas. Our expert team strived hard to make his dream a reality by creating logo, designing the labels and naming the brand that would appeal to consumers at the very first sight. Expert knowledge helped him to achieve the premium status.


Over the years, we have exceled in gifting the globe with entrepreneurs who had the vision to innovate and extend the touch of their nativity without any compromise on the quality and savour by providing adequate assistance. Thus, the popular drink of Madurai, through our devoted efforts, was made available to all th

e fanatics of the drink in every other part too and this case is just another feather in the hat of Food Buddies

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