Quick & Easy – Ready to Cook Millet Food


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. But as lifestyles become fast-paced, consumers tend to skip breakfast because they don’t have enough time to cook a nutritious meal in the morning. Ready to Cook Millet Foods is the healthy answer,perfectly tailored for modern families. An easy to cook breakfast, RTC Millet Foods substantially reduces cooking time. All in all, this is the ideal breakfast for the current routine. The company got in touch with Food Buddies to take this idea forward.


  • Depending on the type of millet used in the product, the cooking time will vary.
  • Procurement of raw material with identical specifications, and in bulk quantities,is a tedious process.
  • Calculating cooking time involves complex steps.



After observing the challenges to RTC Millet Foods, Food Buddies came up with perfect solutions. Before placing bulk orders for production, each raw ingredient was subjected to a cooking test. This cooking test had a two-fold advantage. First, it helped in keeping a check on the cooking time. Second, it ensured that specifications for raw materials were set.The directions for cooking were to be clearly stated on the label so as to maximize the ease with which consumers can prepare RTC Millet Foods.


Food Buddies successfully developed more than seven products that received instant approval from the clients. The products were both healthy and consumer-friendly.

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