Quench the Thirst of Millions with Herbal Water


Herbal water is an innovative product that has great potential to revolutionize the market segment of beverages. It contains 100% natural extracts and is a great alternative to regular drinking water. Not only is it great to taste but the herbal ingredients infused in water make it an extremely nutritious and healthy thirst quencher. With this idea in mind, the company approached Food Buddies so that the latter could identify the strengths and challenges of the product and brainstorm on how to address them successfully.


  • The stability quotient of herbal water was not satisfactory. It was quite low.
  • After food processing, there occurred product precipitation.
  • The usage of natural extracts entailed colour degradation.



Food Buddies observed the challenges at hand and came up with a number of effective solutions to rectify the problems. The appropriate combination of technology was identified that would enable the product to achieve more stability and avoid the post-processing precipitation. In order to reduce the microbial load and increase the shelf life of the product, the team recommended heat treatment with specific temperature.


Food Buddies successfully developed this wonderful product that is the perfect substitute for normal drinking water. Now, herbal water has greater stability and taste courtesy of the natural ingredients and effective technologies used in its production.

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