Popping challenges in Egg Pops


Well reputed client in egg powder manufacturing decided to venture in to value added egg product using egg powder as its major ingredient. They wanted to ensure that egg powder is used in highest ratio in the formulation and the final product does the right sensory. Objective of the project is to develop a healthier, eggier snacky product for ‘grab and go’ consumers.



Challenges involved in this case were:

  • Developing an egg product without the smell of the egg
  • Selecting the right ingredients and seasonings for the formulation that were compatible with the egg powder
  • Developing a product with a crunchy texture
  • Finalizing the process to the egg science
  • Recommending right contract manufacturers dealing in non vegetarian products


Several product trials were conducted to formulate the recipe and optimize the content of the egg powder and the other ingredients to be used in the product in order to obtain the desired results. The process was iterated and as a result, three variants for the same product were developed. The contract manufacturer fit for the production of egg pops were recommended to the client and they were guided on developing and following the SSOP so that they would be able to deliver a safe product to their consumers. Also, the client’s expectation was met by Food Buddies team by finding a way to remove the egg smell from the finished product.


We, at Food Buddies, Happy to deliver a crunchier snacky product with egg powder as it major constituent. The percentage of the egg powder in the final formulation was higher than the client’s expectation, the cost of the product also pocket friendly.

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