Organic Fruit Paste

Nowadays, health conscious consumer is continuously looking for alternatives to refined sugar in bakery products and meals. In order to keep up with this surging demand, food processors can consider organic fruit paste as a whole sweetener that can be added to baked fruit products and other food products.


Organic Fruit Paste can be used as:

01. A thickener for sauces
02. A flavoring agent in stew, glazes and sauces
03. An ingredient in baked fruit products, ready meals and fruit filled bars

What is an Organic Fruit paste?

Organic Fruit paste is a concentrated product, made from organic ingredients, that has long shelf life, and can be used as an ingredient in preparing meals and food products.Fruit paste as a global commodity ingredient is a relatively modern phenomenon.

In many households, organic fruit paste is used as ingredient in food preparation in three different contexts:

1. It is used for thickening sauces and stews.
2. It is used for adding flavour to the sauce, stew, glazes and soups.
3. It is used as an ingredient in baked fruit product, fruit filled bars, and ready meals for infants and toddlers.

“Producers of fruit pastes and other bakery fillings normally manufacture these pastes in a pumpable form using hot processing techniques.”

Here are the basic steps involved in the production of fruit paste:



To produce organic fruit pastes with high solids content, the standard technique involves heating the liquid phase and the resulting paste for the purposes of stabilizing the filling or paste so that it is oven stable or bake stable for subsequent use in a baking environment.

There are various kinds of organic fruit pastes available in the market such as:


  • Apricot Paste                                                                                Organic-Fruit-Paste-300x158
  • Pear Paste
  • Cherry Paste
  • Date Paste
  • Fig Paste
  • Plum Paste
  • Quince Paste
  • Pomegranate Paste

Recently, the food industry has developed an alternative process, for preparing food items, known as a cold process technology, which does not require the addition of any significant heat in manufacturing the end product.

Why Cold Press technology for Organic Fruit Paste manufacturing?

  • The addition of heat to the process, in the form of steam or electricity, requires a substantial input of energy, which is expensive.
  • In high solids materials, i.e. above 60-65% solids, heating of the product during processing requires a substantial amount of time.
  • In addition, some food products, such as organic fruit paste used in bakery products lose some of their fresh taste characteristics by long time exposure to heat before the baking operation.

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