Organic Frozen Parathas

Why Organic Frozen Parathas?

    • While fresh foods hold the greatest importance in Indian eating habits, the growth of modern supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout urban India are introducing consumers to modern conveniences, slowly changing the food landscape.


These grocery outlets come equipped with increased freezer space, a relatively new concept in the country, which is driving consumption of the frozen foods category. In the near future, domestic and international frozen food manufacturers are expected to provide grocers with freezer displays, further encouraging purchases.

Factors affecting the market growth for Organic Frozen Parathas:

01. Rise in disposable income and health conscious consumers
02. Prevalence of vegetarianism greatly affecting the Indian market
03. Rise in demand for convenient meals

Additionally, more Indian households will have freezers, allowing them to purchase and store frozen foods.
  • Prevalence of vegetarianism in India has significant influence on food consumption in the country.
  • Rise in health conscious consumers has pushed the growth of organic foods.
  • Rising disposable income is partially responsible for continuous growth in the organic frozen food sector.

“The demand for Indian recipes from the Indian diaspora settled across the globe has served as an impetus to development of the frozen food industry in recent years. “

Factors that affect the shelf life of the organic frozen parathas:

1. Quality of raw ingredients
2. Moisture Content and Water Activity
3. Lipid Per-oxidation
4. Exposure to contaminants
5. Storage Temperature
6. Packaging Material
7. Processing Conditions


Here are the basic steps involved in the manufacturing of organic frozen parathas:


Also, a combination of vacuum packaging and radiation processing under frozen condition can be optimized for preparation of sterilized RTE parathas. Radiation processing technology has the potential to produce high quality, shelf-stable traditional Indian food products without use of chemical preservatives.


There are various kinds of RTE and RTC frozen parathas available in the market:

  • Aloo (Potato) Paratha
  • Methi (Fenugreek) Paratha
  • Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Paratha
  • Pyaaz (Onion) Paratha
  • Plain Paratha

Some of the brands in India selling frozen parathas are:

  • Haldirams
  • Kawan
  • Fingerlix
  • Miraj
  • Sumeru

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