List of Organic Food Products

Concept 1 – Organic Fruit Bars

  • Organic fruit bars made from naturally ripened organic fruits
  • A healthy and tasty snack product
  • Convenient for ‘garb-and-so’ consumer


Concept 2 – Organic Puffed Snacks

  • Organic Puffed Snacks are made from the organic ingredients such as quinoa, pearl millet, sorghum, wheat, rice.
  • Organic ingredients can be added as preservative to make a clean label product
  • Can be packed in pouches or jars
  • Natural Flavours can be added to produce variants


Concept 3 – Organic Candie

  • Candies made from organic and natural ingredients, aim to satisfy the demands of consumers who are looking to indulge their sweet tooth in a way that supports better eating habits
  • Many FMCG companies are offering small batch products that are made without artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup
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  • Perfect school snacks for kids
  • Can be made available in many flavors
  • Organic Amla Candy is a popular product. Amla is a natural antioxidant, is high in fiber and is abundant with Vitamin C.


Concept 4- Organic Freeze Dried Fruits

  • Provide easiest way to get your every day need of assorted fruit diet, anytime anywhere.
  • Freeze drying process has made preservation possible without the use of preservatives.
  • Healthy snack option for health conscious consumers
  • Can also be used as an ingredient in breakfast cereals


Concept 5 – Organic Gluten Free Cookies

  • Organic Gluten Free Cookies are aimed to target people who are allergic to gluten grains
  • Made from organic gluten free flour and other ingredients


Concept 6- Organic Chyawanprash

  • Categorized as a functional food product
  • Made from organic ayurvedic herbs
  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Strengthens immune system


Concept 7- Organic Pickle

  • Organic Pickles are popular among Indian consumers
  • Can be relished with rice, curry meals, sandwiches


Concept 8- Traditional Organic Beverages

    • Keppai Koozh, a popular beverage in Tamil Nadu, made from organic pearl millet (ragi), organic rice and other ingredients
    • Can be made available in RTD format
    • Organic Aam Panna, made from organic unripe mangoes, is a popular drink consumed in summers
    • It has flavorful mix of spices like cumin and black salt


    • Organic Gajar ki Kanji, a fermented beverage made from organically grown deep purple colored carrot


  • Organic Sol kadi, made from coconut milk, kokum, cumin seeds and green chillies



Organic Fruit Juices

  • Made with organic fruits
  • Convenient healthy food product for today’s busy consumer
  • Available in many variants


Organic Energy Drinks

  • Available in different flavours
  • Available in different pack sizes



Organic Fizzy Drinks

  • Caffeine free carbonated drinks made with certified organic ingredients


Organic Coconut Water

  • Available in different flavours
  • Can be packed in tetra pouches or plastic bottles
  • Refreshing and healthy alternative to RTD beverages


Concept 9- Organic Gulkand

  • Healthy for stomach
  • Strengthens the digestive system


Concept 10- Organic Pasta

  • Available in different varieties such as penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli.


Concept 11- Organic RTE and RTC Food Products

  • Organic RTC and RTE meals such as curry meals, instant dosa mix, instant soup, instant noodles and oatmeal are made with natural and organic ingredients
  • In RTE category, Organic Rajma Masala, Organic Biryani, Organic Chole Masala, Organic Poha are some of the popularly known products.


Concept 12- Organic Gol Gappas

  • Gol Gappas, made from organic cereals and grains, and served with organic chutney aim to serve health conscious consumer


Concept 13- Organic Roti & Parathas

  • Organic Roti, a flatbread, made with organic flour, is a popularly consumed food product in India
  • Organic Frozen Rotis and Parathas are perfect for any Indian cuisine lover


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