Innovations in Baby Food

The easily accessible, puréed fruits and vegetables found inside the squeeze packs have become a busy parent’s dream.”

What babies eat during their first year starts to define their taste and dietary preferences for later in life. So, parents attempt to tune those preferences as early on as possible and steer their children towards a liking for healthy, less sugar loaded foods.

With increasing disposable income, evolving lifestyle and parents becoming more health conscious, the demand for RTE and RTC baby food has increased. To tap into the surging demand, baby food manufacturing companies all around the globe are continuously innovating and introducing organic and super-food infused options in baby food aisle.

Few of the recently launched innovative baby foods include:


Puree Pouches

The easily accessible, pureed fruits and vegetables found inside the squeeze packs have become a busy parent’s dream.One of the most popular brands associated with baby food is Ella’s kitchen. The company manufactures organic purees, snacks, textured meals, and fruit smoothies, especially for infants and toddlers, and packs the end product into recyclable sachets.

“With busy lifestyles and increased disposable income, parents are willing to spend on RTE baby food instead of preparing a cheaper, home-made meal for their babies.”

Why HPP for Baby Food?

HPP treatment for baby food:

1. Helps to retain nutritional attributes of the ingredients in comparison to thermally processed baby food.
2. Enhances Shelf life
3. Allows taste and texture to stay intact




HPP treated baby food

High pressure processing, a non thermal technique of food preservation, has allowed food business operators (FBOs) to produce baby food that has longer shelf life and no added preservatives. Many FBOs are packaging their HPP baby food in containers along with the tiny spoons.



Teething Wafers

Many food manufacturing companies have also launched easily dissolving, organic teething wafers in the baby food category.



Snacks for Babies: Super-food Puffs and Freeze dried yogurt drops

In the last few years, the baby food aisle has been flooded with innovative snacks such as super-food puffs and freeze-dried yogurt drops. These puffs and yogurt drops are nutritious snacks and easily melt in baby’s mouth.



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