How To Label Food Products Manufactured Through Food Co-Packers

Labeling of food products is another important factor which helps to understand the company’s reputation and information

The food label is an important communication tool that provides consumers with information about a product’s composition, nutritional profile, and quantity of contents so that they can make product comparisons and selections. The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act gives FDA its authority to regulate food labeling.
Food labels are a legal requirement and they are important for many reasons. They help consumers make informed choices about the food they buy, help them to store and use it safely and allows people to plan when they will consume it – all of which help to reduce food wastage

Labeling Food products on following points

  • Manufactured By (MFG By)
  • Marketed By
  • Nutritional factors
  • Product knowledge
  • Brand name and details

The two important factors on which the food labels must be counted on are :

Manufactured by

The organization set their own accord and mention their own plant unit production representation in this section and its mandatory to represent the same.

Marketed By

Marketed by means products are manufactured in other plants as third party manufacturing.



Nutritional Factors

It will help you and your family make healthy choices about the foods you are buying. … Conversely, you can use food labels to find food items higher in vitamins, fiber and protein. The nutritional information found on a food label is based on one serving of that particular food.

Product knowledge

  • Product knowledge on being the detailing if the food is allergen, prone to ,or if the food is veg (indicated by green dot ),nonveg (indicated by red dot),only egg (indicated by yellow dot ) at right corner of packets.
  • Product knowledge is very important on part of consumption of the material




Brand name and details

  • Brand name need to be framed at the front of the product from where it is visible.
  • Brand name states the whole details entitlement should be in vibration colors.

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