Golden Milk


Milk is a global beverage. In India, various traditional practices have fortified milk, helping us to have a balanced diet and strengthen our metabolism. An organic spice trader ventured into the business horizon by exporting organic spices to countries outside India. In order to expand his business and with the noble idea of promoting traditional Indian spices to foreign lands, he zeroed upon the idea of developing traditional Indian Spice mix, which is usually mixed with milk and consumed by people in India since time immemorial. Having figured out the great demand for the product in an international arena, our client was enthusiastic in reaching out his product to the global stores, also carrying the traditional taste of India.


The major complications that were associated were
1. Identifying the ideal composition of the ingredients and developing the product adhering to US FDA organic norms and regulations



We, at Food Buddies, took the task of developing the product through our dexterous team of experts who possessed a great knowledge base to give a head start to the project. We managed to cross all the impediments and made the product comply with the US FDA organic standards. We also scaled it up to meet the buyer’s standards and did all the legal clearances .


The case of Golden Milk has set a benchmark to understand the demand for turmeric based milk additives in the overseas market. Golden Milk has garnered a huge set of consumers in a short span of time. Our concern in delivering the finest quality product through our plant implementation techniques and product development strategies has catalysed to exceed the expectation of the consumer.


Thus, Food Buddies helped the aspiring entrepreneur to achieve his dreams of reaching out to the global store thorough our expertise and strong knowledge in the food legal. Our sinew of ideas and the efforts to give only the best possible solutions to our clients/ can make anything possible. Our mettle in developing the marketing strategies to suit various types of consumers is vivid with the example of golden milk as it is accepted and consumed by consumers in various part of the globe. The boundary is a definition not defined in our dictionary. We develop food for all lands.

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