Fusion Your Way To Wealth: The Growing Demand For Hybrid Tastes

What exactly is fusion food? To define it precisely, fusion food is the blending of different culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes. The market for fusion food is growing by the second. Although food purists may not enjoy this rise but thanks to globalization, specialized culinary schools, social media influencers and franchises of high-end restaurants in a number of Indian cities, it is no longer out of our reach.  And along with fusion food is also the growth of an industry supplying gourmet products such as truffle oil and blue cheese. Such niche products are increasingly being used by chefs and restaurateurs.So all in all, the market’s great for both new food entrepreneurs to make the right investments and for existing businesses to think of changing course.

Why do you think consumers enjoying fusion cooking so much?

  • Ethnic-style cuisine tastes of ethnic foods on foods characteristic of a host cuisine in order to expand it.
  • People have become increasingly concerned with living a healthy lifestyle and combining the healthiest qualities of different cuisines seems like a great way out.
  • Fusion food has great cultural significance as it allows a positive intermingling between different countries and societies.
  • The industry has great, untapped potential for chefs, entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish.
  • Packaged fusion food gives every household an easy-to-cook gourmet.
  • According to AC Nielsen, “The popularity of frozen ethnic entrées suggests they play a growing role in ethnic, and even non-ethnic, households as convenient packaged foods that make meals easy to assemble and prepare.


So what are some of the fusions foods that can be included in the packaged food segment? There is great consumer demand for South-east Asian options like Sriracha Garlic Chili Sauce, soy sauce, olive oil, hummus, tortilla and jaggery candy. Take the example of Fazlani Food’s Foody Fusion. Their product’s like the Asian Tofu Soup, Chipotle Tomato Soup and Chipotle Mexican Rice combine Indian flavors with global counterparts. Their aim is to provide a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home through packaged products that are hygienically packed and full of interesting flavors. So if you’re on the hunt for the right product to invest in, give fusion foods a thought.

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