Food Product Concept To Commercialisation

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Food Product Concept To Commercialisation

For any food industry, taking their dream product to the reality market is not an overnight task or an uncertain activity. As far as food business is concerned the time taken for our concept to build into a product plays an important role. If the lean time is more, others may come out with the same idea and our individuality got diluted. Food Buddies, with more than 9 years of expertise in this area having successfully launched hundreds of product most of them being first time in the Market. Have come up with the effective timeline for concept to commercialization of your product.

  • Concept creation– 4 weeks
  • Product design – 2 weeks
  • Prototype development – 8 weeks
  • Trail Production & lab analysis – 4 weeks
  • Test marketing – 4 weeks
  • Commercial production – 4 weeks
  • Product launch – 4 weeks
    Total – 30 weeks

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