Flavored Popcorn Processing

Market Scenario

  • The popcorn market in India is dominated by the unorganized sector with more than 60% of the share in the overall market.
  • However, the scenario is expected to change due to the growth in the number of multiplexes and popularity of popcorn.
  • The market for popcorn in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during 2018-2022.
  • The market for gourmet popcorn alone in India is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 36% between 2016 and 2022.

Popcorn industry

1) Minimal processing + High profit margin industry

2) Growing demand of gourmet popcorns

3) Possibility of wide range of innovative flavours

Why popcorn Processing?

  • High profit margin industry
  • Healthy and nutritious snack
  • Can target rural as well as urban market
  • Production capacity can range from very small scale to large scale.
  • Wide variety of flavours can be developed targeting gourmet food market.

About popcorn


Popcorns come in a wide variety and flavours.

  • In India, popcorns are mostly made with “butterfly” corn kernels which form more elongated, irregular shapes upon popping up.
  • Another variant called “Mushroom” corn results in larger, rounded pieces of popcorn that are easier to cover in a consistent coating of toppings like caramel or melted chocolate.



Manufacturing Process



  • The product is produced by cleaning and heating kernels until the internal moisture expands and pops through the outer shell of the kernel, allowing the starch within to expand and cool.
  • Popped corn can be coated or glazed in a rotating pan drum, if needed.
  • Finally, the popcorns are packed.



Did you know?
“Not all varieties of corn are suitable for producing popcorn. Popcorn, also a collection of varieties of Zea mays, is the only corn that pops; it is not dried kernels of sweet corn.”



  • Dry-pop Method – unpopped grain isagitated over a heat source, allowing the corn to pop, and seasoned with butter and salt.
  • Wet-pop method – corn is placed in a container with an oil which helps to distribute the heat and cause more even and complete popping.
  • Commercial popping machines use the wet-pop method, and butter or coconut oil are used for their aroma

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