Challenges Made the Vegetable Chips Interesting


Snack start-ups are the most resilient in the healthier foods market, as the products are easier to adapt to changes in demand and preferences. India, being the third largest producer of coconut has plenty of scope for coconut processors. A leading corporate firm in India, established over 72 years ago, wanted to add an effulgent ready-to-eat snack to their portfolio. After all the surveys being done, coconut chips forecast to provide a better place at the Indian market. They are looking forward to the right knowledge partner to establish their concept into the shelf.


1. Finalising the Correct Raw Material
2. Process Challenges



Food buddies took on the challenge and studied the complete science and methodology behind the manufacture of coconut chips. Through numerous trail and errors, with dedicated expertise in snack production, Food buddies formulated a very novel methodology that gave the desired result. The product has exceeded the expectation, also retained much of its nutritional components than the conventional process and came out with the appealing taste and texture.


Coconut Chips is the first of its kind product in the country. Food buddies’ innovative methodology of approach shaped our clients dream into reality.

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