Best Ideas to Invest in Food Business

“The World is not enough”, it is not just a movie name but it is an idea which resonates with each and every entrepreneurial mind. Brimming with multitude opportunities, food industry is one sector which would not disappoint upcoming and existing entrepreneurs. Regardless of the economic situation around the globe, food is one commodity that is requisite to sustain a human life. With changing lifestyle, demand for having food at convenience has increased and it has in return resulted in creating more opportunities in food industry.

One special product or dish can change the business structure in this industry. For example, Keventers is renowned for it’s varieties of shakes, DS Group is known for its pulse candy and Johnny Rockets is known for it’s burgers.Food-productontwikkeling

your own venture, it is necessary to find a suitable location where the demand and need for your product exists. To make this decision, one can always go for market research to study the pattern for food production and consumption in a specific region or area. To help you start with your food business, we have compiled few of the trending and remunerative ideas.

  • Ready to Drink Beverages– Changing lifestyle, people having more disposable income and subsequent concentration on the nutritional intake are few of the factors which have opened the food retail market to healthy ready to drink beverages.
  • Chocolates and cookies– In the recent years, the demand for chocolates gift hampers and cookies gift hampers has increased in India, especially during the festive season.
  • Cafe – A coffee shop with a nice ambiance and variety of options, is preferred by people in business to have a meeting. Also, major workforce and college students in India like to go to such place to relax and work.
  • Food Trucks- Based on the go to customer approach, this kind of business does not require a fixed location. It is a low investment business idea.
  • Fruits and vegetable processing units– Fruits and vegetable processing units can be set up to manufacture products such as jams, jellies, pickles, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, etc. This would help to preserve the shelf life of the raw agricultural commodities and add value to the products. When finding a suitable location to set up the unit, one must look into the factors such as procurement cost, access to nearby markets, accessibility to electricity and water supply, power tariff, etc.
  • Cold Storage Units– India is a county with diverse terrain and climatic zones. One of the major challenge faced by frozen food industries and ice cream industries is to maintain a cold supply chain. A cold chain is temperature controlled supply chain. Cold chain is required to extend and ensure the shelf life of the product. Investing in cold storage and logistics would help to reduce agricultural produce wastage.