7 Criteria To Discuss With Food Co Packers For Food Production Terms

Proper system oriented process is expected from a co packing organization.

Standard ensures safe food supply throughout the chain and provide a framework of internationally harmonized system for the global approach. ISO 22000 incorporates critical control point and hazard analysis systems in more improved form to produce much effective audit-able FSMS(Food Safety Management Systems)

Criteria to Discuss with Co Packers for Production Terms:

  • Raw Material Storage
  • Lab Process to Scaling up
  • Desired Outcome of the Product
  • Cost Per Piece
  • Packaging
  • Process GAP
  • FG Dispatch terms

Raw Material Storage

  • Raw material storage is an important factor with the major concerns of proper fumigation and process in hold .
  • Proper Raw material storage with robust set ups helps to reduce raw material wastage.

Lab Process to Scaling up

  • Laboratory testing is an important process, which relies on scientific analysis to identify problems with food products. It provides analytical data on the quality of a product or production process to support quality control in the HACCP system.
  • The objective of quality control is to identify contaminants in raw material, or contamination after a product is produced and before it is placed on the market.

Desired Outcome of the Product

  • The specifications mentioned by a customer are an important aspect to understand for the food co-packers.
  • The desired outcome of the products leads to the satisfaction and with such preciseness customers withheld in long term run

Cost Per Piece

  • Per piece cost helps to determine the costing of the bulk items and as such if it’s out of customer’s reach then they will look for separate co packer.
  • Per piece cost, what the customer expects is to be nominal and reliable.


Two types of packaging, primary and secondary, in primary packaging the material is in direct contact to the product ,whereas secondary packaging is the packaging covering the primary packaging and protection to the product. The report suggests food and beverage manufacturers need to make their packaging work harder in four areas: Findings cited in the report are from the 2018 EcoFocus Trend Study, which surveyed 4,000 adults online.

  • Protecting taste, freshness, and nutrients
  • Aligning with ingredients
  • Packaging responsibly
  • Sharing values

Process GAP

  • A GAP analysis report must be created and as per the report the corrective actions plan need to be created.
  • As per the corrective actions plan proper documentations along with surveillance audit is mandatory and as per the audit report the Non conformance report is procured. The basic steps to the audit process are as such need to be done in every organization.

FG Dispatch Terms

  • A thorough check need to be done before dispatching of the FG items, proper quality is the necessity in the era.
  • Proper FIFO maintenance is required in dispatching process.
  • Challan and other billing needs to be checked by supervisors and procured facilities is the important factor in response

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