4 Points Need To Be Checked Before Doing Food Co Packing Agreement

As Co- Packers come with varied range of customer handling, hence they work within a thin streamline frame.

MOQ and Costing

  • When it comes to working with factories, it doesn’t make sense for a manufacturer to produce items for you unless they can make a decent profit on the transaction.
  • If you think about a factory as an assembly line, it’s not cost effective for a manufacturer to create a brand new process for your product unless you can exceed a certain volume threshold.
  • After all, manufacturers must bear the large upfront costs of training, machinery and tooling.
  • Making money with private label products is all about scale and you have to be willing to meet a factory’s MOQ in order to get the lowest prices possible for your products.
  • MOQ and costing are interrelated as in a deep way, the minimum MOQ low is the costing rate effectiveness.

Wastage percentage

  • One of the key parameters for the businesses today is achieving early ROI. Organizations are under tremendous pressure from the management to increase the rate of return on investment to realize profits. Traditionally, ROI was linked to ‘cost savings’ and, it’s true till today also.
  • Along the length and breadth of the organization, there exists a number of elements that become the base of cost cutting. However, of these, there exists one element that mostly goes unseen by the decision makers and that’s ‘Waste’. If waste is recognized properly, handled efficiently and controlled substantially, its surprising effects can be seen clearly on the bottom line.
  • The major wastage area to look into are: Overstocking, Inadequate or Obsolete Manufacturing Processes, Over Production, Defected or Low Quality Goods, Time Wastage Due to Lack of Information Flow,Lack of trace-ability, Wastage of resources


  • Everyone in this world is running for exclusivity. Hence who wouldn’t expect the exclusive nature in business terms ,if it comes in concern between manufacturer and co packer.
  • Co-packers expects exclusive model ideas for business which can lead to true co packer interests to the manufacturer’s business.

Unexpected risks

  • Unexpected risks ,be it legal, financial is a subordinate way to understand tat business base is not enough strong and as such no third party would want to work on its base with manufacturers with such limitations.
  • Hence every third party wants an organization to get connected with whose basic frames are strong.

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