3 Must do Brand Building Essentials for Food Brands

In today’s world, where people have become more passionate about what they eat or drink, companies are constantly experimenting and innovating the products to meet the evolving needs and demands of the consumer. However, just making a great product and placing it on the shelves won’t convince a consumer to buy it. To attract the attention of a consumer, you need to sell your idea and your vision along with the product.That is the reason why most top food companies in the world invest so much time, money and effort in branding their products.

Branding involves giving a distinct personality to the product in order to help it sit apart from the rest of the products. The process involves using emotions to create a connection with the consumers.


Brand – Chart with keywords and icons – Flat Design

Here we have listed down few of the brand building essentials required by a food company:

Storytelling: Building a story around your product helps you to establish an emotional connection with the consumers. When they see a particular product or a brand in the market, the customers will feel a certain way about it emotionally rather than viewing it simply as a product on the shelf. The Ghar ka Khana ad campaign by Fortune Foods is a good example of touching hearts with a story. Another example would be how Cadbury, a brand by Mondelez, tries to establish a link between chocolate and each festival ensuring there is a Cadbury chocolate product available for every occasion.

Indulge in creative communication: Try to think about whether your brand has anything bold to say about what’s going on in the world. It involves identifying and taking advantage of a connection between the concept of the product and a trending news topic. For example, when most of the brands shy away from taking a stand on a social issue, the evergreen Amul girl is always there with her opinionated version.


Content marketing: Branding is fluid and can be shaped by marketing efforts. Nowadays, when everyone is active on social media sites such as twitter, facebook or Instagram, consumers communicate with the brands from the privacy of their homes. This constant communication puts a pressure on the company to create a worthwhile content to get the attention of your targeted customer base. As the content marketing sphere becomes more and more crowded, the need for creating valuable content is at its greatest.

Influential outreach: Getting the right person to endorse your brand is essential to building the brand image. The person endorsing your brand does not necessarily have to be a celebrity with the highest number of followers on a social media site. You need to connect with a person who is passionate about something that fits your goals. For example, around the year 1998, Parle G found it’s endorser in the 90s kid’s favorite superhero, Shaktimaan.