10 Checklist To Select Right Food Co-Packer

Right Co-packers proves ease to business effectiveness.

contract packer, contract packaging, co- packer, co- man and contract manufacturer is a company that manufactures and packages foods or similar products for their clients. The selection of Co-packers is an important factor in the business point of view.

Checklists to select right food co-packers?

  • CMU Credibility
  • Location
  • Flexibility
  • Culture
  • Process alignment
  • Financials
  • GHP
  • GMP
  • Attitude of Management
  • Relationship of behavior – Trust, respect.

CMU Credibility

  • Cost of manufacturing unit credibility is the foremost important factor for an industry to withstand with.
  • If we have to brag for the amount continuously to the third party then its against the ethics and we can’t keep going ,hence before choosing any co-packers, it’s important to learn the policies on CMU credibility and check the same.


  • Location is another important factor in the food industry as logistics and transportation are on concern it is advisable to choose at least viable location which is not under any locality control or posed to threats in transportation’s.
  • Good location helps to good business.
  • 92% of the business fail due to the lack of proper location as per Forbes 2018 BizTalks


  • Flexibility in work culture as well as production need is important to be looked into for Co-packers.
  • It maybe possible the suddenly huge order variation occurs which should be viable to the co packers to accept the scenario and handle the situation politely
“It’s always good to share work to create the proper outcome from a growing business”

“Proper communication with the Co- packer or Co- Manufacturer is the wise way to get maximum outcome”


  • Good Culture of practices and working environment is the most trendy way to reform profits.
  • Culture is another factor to take care of, 87% of the employees believe good working environment is important to work for the organization according to International BizTalk 2018

Process alignment

  • It is also important to understand the process and to align the same as per need.
  • Process end to end alignment helps to create a strong management system which is non viable to failure and smooth going of the process without any hassles .Many software like SAP,ORACLE are working on the same factor to improvise the process end to end alignment


  • Financials are another level of concern, which helps to decide the choosing of a co-packer.
  • Strategic plan on minimum investments for the co-packer industry need to followed properly, terms of loan on market and investment capacity comes under the above point of concern
Adequate machineries and proper set up is the main concern of costing which can be saved if we opt for a good co-packer. Additional benefits of positioning ,packaging versatility according to market needs is added benefits.


  • Good hyeginic practices are the most important to retain quality and sustainability in the market.
  • Hence its important to understand the scenario for food co-packer on the same


Good manufacturing practices are the same concern subordinate to GHP , proper training on GHP,GMP to be given to the employees to withstand the quality production assurance

Win-Business (1)

Attitude of Management

  • Before choosing for a co-packer its important to understand the attitude of the management which keep on creating problem if chosen wrongly .
  • The attitude need to be vernacular and flexible to understand the needs and the management should keep the win-win scenario factor in mind to work effectively with any organization.

Relationship of behavior –Trust, respect.

  • The need of relationship in any business needs is important which helps to work on long term deals
  • 76% of the businessman believes that whom they have as co-packer they work with the same one as ,level of trust respect of work have been built in all the going years which is important for every organization.
  • Both the organization and the co-packer should work on the ethics of win –win scenario where profit is for both to stand in the market.

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